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The Company offers Ordinary printed/Dry offset printed Aluminium ROPP caps exclusively for wines.

Having a special Liner and the top shaping cap on the sealing surface at the time of capping, the tamper evident long skirt 22/30, 25/43, 28/44 & 30/60 screw closures “Classwin” are perfectly suited to bottling wine.
It is neutral for the taste and aroma. It is fitted to bottles with a screw finish in accordance with standard BVS neck finish.

Now a days wineries are shifting from Cork to Aluminium closures, as it is proved that Aluminium caps are the best alternative of Cork.


Wine Liners : There are two types of Liners which are used in “CLASSWIN” caps to seal a Wine Bottle.     
1) Saran + Tin Liner         2)  Saranex Liner

Aluminum ROPP Caps
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  Classcap Special Liners for Wines    


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